Privacy Policy

Last updated March 03, 2021.

Thank you for choosing Abrista app.

0. What is this app for?

Abrista provides a way to open entrances (by phone call) from iPhone and Apple Watch.

1. What information does Abrista collect?

Abrista does not collect any personal data of a client. All personal data is stored on the device where Abrista app is installed on.

Non-personalized data could be sent to external systems (see later).

2. Does Abrista uses client data for advertizement?


3. Does Abrista passes any data to external systems?

Yes, non-personalized data:

4. Does Abrista track client behaviour?


5. How can a client stop Abrista app from processing your data?

Just delete Abrista application from iPhone and Apple Watch.

6. Can "In App Purchases" be restored?

Yes, a client can restore it from Abrista app.

7. How can a client to contact developers?

If you have any questions about Abrista, please contact us at