Privacy Policy

Last updated March 03, 2021.

Thank you for choosing Abrista app.

0. What is this app for?

Abrista provides a way to open entrances (by phone call) from iPhone and Apple Watch.

1. What information does Abrista collect?

Abrista does not collect any personal data of a client. All personal data is stored on the device where Abrista app is installed on.

Non-personalized data could be sent to external systems (see later).

2. Does Abrista uses client data for advertizement?

No. Abrista shows ads without taking into account user personal data.

3. Does Abrista passes any data to external systems?

Yes, non-personalized data:

4. Does Abrista track client behaviour?

Only on app usage level. Personal data are not gathered.

5. How can a client stop Abrista app from processing your data?

Just delete Abrista application from iPhone and Apple Watch.

6. Can "In App Purchases" be restored?

Yes, a client can restore it from Abrista app.

7. How can a client to contact developers?

If you have any questions about Abrista, please contact us at