open entrances with pleasure

If you open barriers or gates by phone call,
Abrista can help you do it in a more convenient and faster way.

Abrista Features

Abrista helps to open entrances with pleasure.

  • Entrance management

    Convenient app for entrance management

  • Application for iPhone

    Open entrances from Abrista on iPhone.

  • Notifications

    Abrista will send you a notification on approaching an entrance. An entrance could be opened through the notification, even from locked screen.

  • Widgets

    Use widgets for showing the nearest entrance, as well as latest opened one.

  • Application for Apple Watch

    Open entrances from Abrista on Apple Watch

  • Extension for Apple Watch

    Abrista is available for use right from Apple Watch Face for opening entrances

How It Works

Install Abrista on iPhone.
Launch Abrista and add your first entrance, barrier or gate.
To open an entrance, click on an entrance button and confirm phone call.

Enable notifications receiving in the app's settings and Abrista will send you notifications on approaching an entrance.
To open an entrance through notification just click or make long press on it and select appropriate action.

Put widgets on iPhone's screen, set entrance geolocation
and open it clicking on widgets.

Open Watch application, find Abrista in the apps list
and install it on paired Apple Watch.
Open Abrista on Apple Watch and wait until synchronization
with iPhone app is finished.
Put Abrista icon on Apple Watch's front screen
and open entrances right from there!
That's it!

We have prepared a demo video describing use cases (click here).

Benefits Of App

  • It is not necessary to spend time and be nervous looking for entrance phone number in your recent calls list or address book. Use Abrista.

  • All entrances are presented and available in the same place:
    on iPhone or Apple Watch app.

  • Apple Watch app provides two ways to open entrances:
    from Abrista on iPhone, from widget on iPhone, using Apple Watch Face, from Abrista on Apple Watch.

App Screenshots

Examples of Abrista screens and app usage on iPhone and Apple Watch.